TVShow Project


A client-server, platform-independent software package for searching, managing, and recording television shows.  Currently, the project is in early alpha, consisting only of a small web-services backend (using the Apache AXIS project's SOAP/WSDL implementation), as well as the beginnings of a client application.


  • 12/20/2002 - Uploaded initial website, released version 0.0.2.
  • 12/3/2002 - Fixed broken email address... completed Sourceforge registration
  • 12/2/2002 - Initial project organization work, and writeup in preparation for listing on


  • Configuration backend (for storing paths to the various utilities for grabbing, and playing back video)
  • Improvements to Swing User Interface (it's a bit on the Ugly side right now)
  • Write some decent documentation (installation, etc)
  • Interface to video recording and playback software
  • Recording scheduling system


Installation Instructions: 

  1. Copy the .war file from the tvshow-server download into your web servers application deployment directory (ie, tomcat/webapps)
  2. Launch the client application with the command java -jar TVShowViewer.jar


  • XMLTV - Wonderful project for downloading TV Listings, and placing them in a standard XML format.  Without this, the tvshow project would not be possible
  • Apache AXIS - Standard Web Services stack (SOAP, WSDL)
  • Apache Xerces/Xalan XML Tools - XML Tools that are so good... Sun integrated them in Java 1.4!
  • Java - The Source for the Java VM, and other news related to the platform
  • Blackdown Java Port - Highly-reliable ports of the JDK/JRE to alternative architectures (Linux i386, PPC, etc)

Great Books:

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